About us

The start of business operations of 3Ri Group goes back to 2006, when the first local subsidiary 3Ri Ltd., situated in the Lithuanian capital Vilnius, was founded. Nowadays 3Ri runs operations with three representative offices in Vilnius (Lithuania), Riga (Latvia) and Zurich (Switzerland).

Our Profile

Usually small and unknown markets are not the central point of business interest. Therefore the potential of such markets is often being undervalued and not fully exhausted. So why our main focus is concentrated on the fast developing markets of the Baltics, which have been ranking among leaders in economic growth over the past years.

Our Competences

Our staff and our partners dispose of decades of experiences and know-how in such industries as:

  • Medical Engineering / Medical Services / Life Science
  • Modern Technologies
  • Security Printing
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Public Transport
Take your chance to do business in the Baltic states!